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Re: Import wig/ghc as lang/ghc7 (Re: Removing packages without DESTDIR support)

On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 08:41:28AM +0100, Matthias Kretschmer wrote:
 > I think the real question is how the bootstrapping process
 > works.

No, I know how the bootstrapping works. It is a nuisance. See earlier
posts in this thread, and below.

The question is whether obache's bootstrap kits are derived from the
wip/ghc bootstrap kits, which are binary blobs prepared by a wip
committer... who while presumably a perfectly upstanding citizen is
nonetheless not a developer.

This question has been asked repeatedly and the answers continue to be

 > If I recall correctly the old cross-compiling, resp.
 > port-to-new-platform, method for ghc is creating some C files on
 > a platform where you have ghc working and then compile that on
 > the other platform.

That is no longer supported. The only supported way to compile ghc is
with ghc.

David A. Holland

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