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Re: www/serf tty misbehavior

    Date:        Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:05:00 +0400
    From:        Aleksej Saushev <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Shouldn't that be "make >& OUT"?

No .. or that is it could be, but that's a hack for cshcompatability,
and not recommended, the >&file syntax is ambiguoys with the >&N syntax
for rearranging file descriptors, so bash uses &> for the csdh'ism >&
(of course, ">FILE 2>&1" works too, and works in all sh's so I just use that.

  | BASH allows empty command to be really empty...

Any sane sh allows "> file" (the empty command with redirections.)
That isn't what was happening, but if it had been what was wanted,
it would work just as you'd expect (equiv to "cp /dev/null file".)

But none of this is explaining why building the package was trying to
fiddle the modes of the tty - I'd guess it was running some curses based
prog, which attempted to change the tty modes for cbreak mode, which
elicits SIGTTOU when the prcess isn't in control of its terminal (whichbeig 
run in the background, this wasn't).

Greg, run the make again (no need to clean), in foreground, and see
what happens.


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