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Re: removing www/paros?

> The www/paros package seems to be a binary-only distribution of Linux
> .so files. As such, it has never built (or "built") correctly since
> the day it was imported, and it isn't runnable except maybe on a Linux
> distribution that happens to match those .so files.

> Also, it's apparently some kind of security tool and I'm not sure what
> to make of a binary-only 'security' package.

> Does anybody use it? Does anyone want to fix it, such as by replacing
> the binary download with a source download? Or should it just be
> removed?

> David A. Holland

I was never aware of the presence of www/paros.

Paying attention to everything in pkgsrc is too much, especially since one user 
can use only a small portion.

From your description, it looks like something that should be dropped.


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