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Re: Missing dependency in lang/gcc-aux: converters/libiconv

from Thomas Klausner:

> I just tried building the lang/gcc-aux package with clang on
> NetBSD-current and it packaged fine.
> I don't know why it fails in Joerg's bulk build or for Thomas.

After I built converters/libiconv, lang/gcc-aux succeeded.

Is there a clang in NetBSD-current base system, or did you build it from pkgsrc?

I just looked in /usr/bin and /usr/pkg/bin, and found no clang.

Clang is in FreeBSD base system for newer versions.

Can you build the base system from source using clang, and how do you tell to use clang instead of base gcc?

Clang in FreeBSD base system can build FreeBSD system but not NetBSD system.


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