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Missing dependency in lang/gcc-aux: converters/libiconv

I was unable to build lang/gcc-aux in NetBSD-current, but lang/gcc48 
subsequently was successful.

With lang/gcc-aux I got

gnatgcc: error: /usr/pkg/lib/libiconv.a: no such file or directory

libiconv was not listed as a dependency for gcc-aux, didn't show in "make 

I found converters/libiconv with lib/ in the PLIST, not quite the 
same as libiconv.a .

Then I examined contents of converters/libiconv in FreeBSD, from FreeBSD ports, 
and found both


So I figured it might possibly be in the NetBSD pkgsrc version, despite not 
showing in PLIST.

I built converters/libiconv in NetBSD from pkgsrc, and then found 

Subsequently I built lang/gcc-aux successfully.

So this is a bug in pkgsrc, but the fix should be easy.


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