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netbsd-5 diskless xdm pam failures revisited

In a message thread starting here:

I described how a machine running netbsd-5 disklessly had developed
a problem with pam authentication through 'xdm'.

I've now switched the machine described in the original message to use
modular Xorg from pkgsrc-2013Q3.  The problem remains exactly as described.

Alas, I still have only this one machine running netbsd-5 (5.2_STABLE
with all the most recent pullups) as a diskless system, so it's only
a single data point.

That it happens with 'xdm' from modular Xorg as well as native Xorg
would seem to indicate that the root of the problem is in changes
introduced into the pam infrastructure and/or kernel just prior to the
NetBSD 5.2 release cycle.

I'll try to set up another machine to be a diskless netbsd-5 client to
gather more data.  Since modular Xorg seems to handle the i810e properly,
I'll have to revisit trying netbsd-6 and -current on this machine as well.

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