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pkgsrc-2013Q2: packages that do not build on NetBSD 6.1/i386

Dear list,

like to shortly report what does not build for me in pkgsrc-2013Q2 on
NetBSD 6.1/i386.

Maybe the fixes can still go in pkgsrc-2013Q3.

Here the output of pkg_chk -a -k:

Failed: dnetc-2.9008.492 monodevelop-2.4.2nb24 tomboy-1.2.1nb30
gnome-2.26.2nb4 acroread9-9.5.5 scribus-


Adrian Immanuel KIESS

With greetings from Leipzig, Germany.
Adrian Immanuel Kieß 

Administrator & programmer
Unix / Perl / LaTeX

mail: <adrian (at)>

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