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Re: pkg-config and modular-xorg and dependencies on Solaris 10 11/06 x86 32-bit

Atticus <> writes:

> I'm attempting to build modular-xorg on Solaris 10 11/06 x86 32-bit.
> I've installed xproto from x11/xproto, my mk.conf sets
> X11_TYPE=modular. When attempting to build modular-xorg (or any other
> package using X), it fails without being able to find xproto. After
> examining the error messages for being unable to find xproto as well
> as the config.log for libFS, I've traced the problem (at least
> partially) to pkgsrc's invocation of pkg-config. It sets a
> PKGCONFIG_LIBDIR, then executes pkg-config with that in it's
> environment.

This is correct behaviour and you shouldn't try to override it as you
describe below.

> WIth it set, it cannot find xproto, or many other
> packages. Without it set, pkg-config works like a charm.

The usual suspect in such cases is version (mis)detection.

> I've
> attempted just patching the .work/bin/pkg-config script to not use it,
> but pkgsrc overwrites it when I attempt to build. I've spent at least
> 6 hours Googling trying to figure this one out, but I couldn't find
> anything there. The pkgsrc guide doesn't appear to have any references
> to it at all. I'm at a dead end. I'm really hoping to get this working
> right, since pkgsrc is working great for everything else on this box.
> Thanks in advance,


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