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Re: lang/guile configure fails on Darwin

On 9/7/13 6:54 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Thanks for the report.  I don't see this on 10.7, where it fails with a
> segfault in guile-snarf, but your change didn't hurt, so I committed it.

Hi, Greg.

OK, great.  Thanks!

> Are you building with clang or gcc, and did you bootstrap with 64 or 32
> abi?

I'm building with clang, and I bootstrapped with the 64-bit ABI.  (When
I first reported this problem, I did not specify the 64-bit ABI when I
bootstrapped.  I've since deleted everything and started over with a new
bootstrap with the 64-bit ABI.  It built for me fine (after the patch)
in both setups.)


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