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Re: To batch deinstall packages that were installed by mistake via pkgsrc

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 9:20 AM, Isaac Isao Saito <> 

> Then I edited each line of ls output to `pkg_delete %PKG_NAME%` and
> paste multiple lines to the terminal. I had to repeat giving the same
> list to the terminal since some of them depend on the packages
> forthcoming in the list. Also a few of them (pkg_delete
> GConf-2.32.4nb6, pkg_delete glib-networking-2.34.2) got stuck so I had
> to C-c and skip them.

Protip: If you put all package names onto a single command line (e.g.
pkg_delete a b c d), then you will avoid this problem, I think. If
not, you can just rerun the same command multiple times to get rid of
the rest.


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