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Re: Build failure for pkg-config 0.28 on Linux

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 09:35:01PM -0400, Tim Hawes did gyre and gimble:

> From /usr/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf:
> # When building packages, whether to prefer the pkgsrc or native
> # versions of software that's also part of the base system.  Its value
> # can be either yes/no, or a list of packages as named in the
> # BUILDLINK_TREE line in a package's file.
> # Preferences are determined by the most specific instance of the
> # package in either PREFER_PKGSRC or PREFER_NATIVE.  If a package is
> # specified in neither or in both variables, then PREFER_PKGSRC has
> # precedence over PREFER_NATIVE.
> #
> # Possible: yes, no, or a list of packages
> So, in your custom mk.conf (usually in /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf for
> privileged installs) specify either
> or
> PREFER_NATIVE=  openmpi # Making sure openmpi is not specifically listed

Thanks! Been searching for this for a while.

> Just fyi, I'd run into a similar problem, earlier today, while compiling
> postgresql91-client on CentOS 5.9. (some error with intl_gettext definitions) 
> I had to add that specific package to PREFER_PKGSRC

Tried many combinations of PREFER_NATIVE and PREFER_PKGSRC, without
success. It seems that when compiling the internal glib included in
pkg-config, the autohell scripts are always the system's, no matter what
PREFER_* is. In the output pastebin's, you can see that when it runs
it complains about macros installed system-wide.

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