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Configuring vesa on xorg.conf


   I've run into pkg/47935, and as a temporary workaround I thought I'd
configure xorg to use vesa. I removed the xf86-video-ati package, and
ran "X -configure" and then "X -config" as root, but it
says it can't find any screens to use. I took at quick glance in the
conf-file, and it kind of looks like how I expect it to (it contains a
vesa entry, etc).

   The Xorg.log.0 warns that it's falling back to old probe method for
vesa, but then gets the error: No devices detected.

   I've always known vesa to work when all else fails, so I'm a little
surprised by this result.

   If one wants to get X working again with a radeon card on
NetBSD/amd64 6, what's the quickest way do to so? (Read: What packages
should I check out old versions of, and to what date/revisions?).


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