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Re: mail/quickml patch update. for ruby1.9


2013/5/29 OBATA Akio <>:

>>> patch-install-sh
>>>   broken :(
>> because it does not change, this file is not required.
> OK, then it will be removed.


>>>   It should be handled with (quickml-analog option).
>> because it does not change the Makefile, this file is not required.
> OK, then it will be reverted.


>>> patch-lib_quickml_core.rb
>>>   Isn't it break gettextlize?
>> It is an error if the encoding of the code of quickml and encoding
>> specified in the messages are different.
>> As a solution, it is a good by adding String::force_encoding() in
>> place of gettext.
>> However, this is very dirty :-(
> I have no clear idea...but is it possible to modify gettext instead?
> force_encoding("ASCII-8BIT")?

wow.... That's deep.
I'll try it.

>>> patch-lib_quickml_mail.rb
>>>   Why is it required?
>> String::to_a method has been removed. in ruby 1.9.3
>> In order to run the pack method, I was to Array.
> OK, then to_a is redundant? because [y.tojis] is already Array.

oops. certainly, to_a is not required.


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