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Re: Soon to be free AlphaServers

Have you thought of donating them to all three of the BSD organizations sans Dragonfly?
This would allow more work to be done by a larger collective group.

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 8:04 AM, <> wrote:
[This message was posted on an internal list with a grace period of two weeks.
That two weeks expired today and it's being reposted to these lists.]


This is not a very easy message to write. After about 12+ years of running
AlphaServers, I will be decommissioning them ASAP. As sometimes it takes a
while to find new owners for these machines, I'm sending this message in
advance to gauge interest in taking them. They are:

DEC AlphaServer 1200:  (1) 533 MHz 21164A-2 CPU (until recently, it had two of
these.  One is now showing a fan error. Perhaps, if you replaced the fan, it
still might work, if the board is OK), 1 GB ECC RAM, (2) 9.1 GB disks (one is
DEC OEM :]), (2) 18.2 GB disks, (3) 36.4 GB disks, (2) DEC DE500-XA 100 Mbit ethernet adapters, ARC Logic 2000PV VGA adapter (2 MB RAM?), QLogic 1020 Fast Wide SCSI HBA, Mylex RAID DAC960P/PD controller with 8 MB RAM.

DEC AlphaServer 4100:  (4) 467 MHz 21164A-2 CPUs (one of these is dying, but I
have a replacement for it), 1 GB ECC RAM, (2) 9.1 GB disks (one is also DEC
OEM :]), (2) 18.2 GB disks, (3) 36.4 GB disks, (2) DEC DE500-[A,B]A 100 Mbit
ethernet adapters, S3 Trio32/64 VGA adapter (1 MB RAM?), QLogic 1020 Fast Wide
SCSI HBA, Mylex RAID DAC960P/PD controller with 8 MB RAM, (2) 9.1 GB disks
configured RAID1, (4) 9.1 GB disks configured RAID5, another (4) 9.1 GB disks
configured RAID5, (3) 9.1 GB disks configure RAID5. That makes (3)
StorageWorks arrays in the pedestal.

Pictures of the machines are available upon request. There's probably some other goodies in the box at the colo. I can't remember what's inside. Definitely, I have (3) DS 1287 TOY (time of year) chips. These are not very easy to find.

These machines are available to (in order of priority):

1) NetBSD/alpha port maintainers;
2) NetBSD/alpha developers;
3) pkgsrc developers (any platform);
4) NetBSD developers

First person(s) in those categories showing interest gets them. You don't have
to take both; you can just take one if for some reason you don't want both.
I'm not parting them out, though. They've available for pickup in Troy, MI,
UNITED STATES, and I can coordinate with the colo for you. The colo will also
ship these machines for me, if you are willing to pay the shipping. In that
case, they're not limited to any particular geographic area. Someone has
already shown interest in at least one of these machines. Nonetheless, I would
like to find alternates in case of the transferral of the machine(s) not being
possible for whatever reason.

The ETA for their availability is as soon as I get my replacement servers (and preferably RAID array). I've had a gracious offer for the servers to which I'll transition and we're just working out the details of that arrangement. Recommendations for an at least 14 disk (3U preferably, but 4U is OK; SCSI/SAS is preferred to SATA/ATA) RAID array (XServe RAID or not) that does RAID6, can be managed entirely over an RS-232 (or Ethernet) port, and doesn't require an operating system on the device to run would also be helpful.

The members of these lists have 14 days to declare interest/work out the logistics of procuring these machines. After that, this message will be posted to Tru64 Managers. If a home for them is not found (that is not the bin or the scrap metal plant), this message will then be posted to CCE, HECnet, and then to AnandTech. Any other ideas for finding new owners is also welcome.

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