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Re: pkg_install.conf not read anymore?

On Fri, 22 Mar 2013, Patrick Welche wrote:

Just checked and indeed, I have a /etc/pkg_install.conf file and
make show-var VARNAME=ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES doesn't list the licences
defined in it, so this behaviour must have changed and I didn't notice...

I just had opportunity to run this on the macppc (HEAD) and amd64
(netbsd-6) systems and it behaves the same.

But then to confirm, I tried to build an affected package and the process
started without a problem, so it's more subtle than that.

This behavior was called to my attention by the ghostscript changes
wherein the flavor selected depends on whether the less-desirable license
tag was in the ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES variable.  As has been my practice
since the option appeared, I put the license tag addition in

While this let me build the preferred flavor of ghostscript directly,
at least one package that depends on ghostscript fails to notice that
the alternative has been selected via license-acceptance and so proceed
with building the other alternative.

If I put the license tag addition in "mk.conf", the alternative-
dependency-checking succeeds.

It may also be relevant that I'm using 'pkg_rolling-replace' to do
the update of my package installation.

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