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net-snmp update

I have updated net-snmp to 5.7.2.  It probably still works, but if you
care, now would be a good time to test.  There were an enormous number
of patches, many of which had been applied upstream.  There are still 21
patches.  I am not really sure if it will build on Dragonfly or Darwin.

My view about patches is that if the patch belongs upstream, it should
be sent upstream, and the patch should have a comment explaining the
issue (suitable for being an upstream commit message, more or less), and
including a link to the upstream tracker entry.  If that's not true, and
a patch is broken or lost during an update, that's unfortunate but I'm
not going to agonize over it.  The only patches that don't belong
upstream, more or less, are patches that are about conforming to how etc
files are installed in pkgsrc vs /usr/local (examples, CONF_FILES,

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