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ANN: nih-0.11.0 release

I've just released nih-0.11.0.

       The nih is a command-line tool for managing pkgsrc packages. It relies
       on pkg_summary(5) for installation, removal and update of packages and
       associated dependencies using remote or local repository.

Major changes.
  nih install:
    - Order of packages does matter
      ("nih install emacs- editors/emacs22" is correct)
    - Option -P and new config variable NO_REQPROV_CHECK were added
    - Option -L and new config variable NO_REMOVE_LEAVES were added
    - "Nothing to be done" message is output if everything is up-to-date
    - Download failures and cksum failures are handled differently
    - Handling CONFLICTS between installed packages and packages to
      install are handled differently. Now package splits and similar
      problems are resolved with a help of "fake" packages. Fake
      packages are always marked for updates.
      New option -f for "nih list" was added in order to list them
    - Improvemed download progress messages

  nih uninstall:
    - Option -L was added, see "nih install -L"
    - Options -p and -P were added. See "nih install"

  nih leaf:
    - Command was reimplemented and simplified
    - Option -t option was removed
      pkg_status doesn't have -ltRn options anymore
    - Option -r was added

  nih search:
    - Option -I uses pkg_digger_installed provided by pkg_summary-utils

    - Fixes in error messages

  nih search|meta|info:
    - Option -p was added. With a help of it one may search in
      pkgsrc packages offline. Also see "nih refresh -p" and man page

  Now nih works correctly if REPOSITORY is a directory

  Fixes for shell's "trap" command.

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