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Re: devel/boost-libs-1.53.0 won't build on alpha

On Mar 7, 2013, at 17:03, Tim Larson <> wrote:

> > Or if there's a way to disable the build of Boost.Context on
> > platforms where it's not supported, that'd be even better… I don't
> > know much about boost; I just want the package because it's a
> > dependency of some other package (which works with an older version
> > of boost, so I assume it doesn't use Boost.Context).
> Pretty sure I've seen platform-conditional patches in pkgsrc. Patch the 
> filename in question out of the Makefile so it isn't built, only on those 
> platforms.

While I suspect that's technically possible, I was thinking more along
the lines of an option to a configure script, e.g., configure
--disable-context. Except boost doesn't seem to have a configure
script. If boost is designed so that the Context stuff is an integral
part, trying to hack it back out is probably more effort than is worth
doing. However, if they've included an easy knob to turn to disable the
Context stuff, that'd be the way to go.

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