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Re: Spam False Positive

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> Spam detection software, running on the system "", has

You should talk to the people.

> (realizing this is probably not the list to mail to).

It's not.  But it would be reasonable to add custom spamassassin rules
to recognize netbsd commit mail.

I have the following in  These won't help you because they are
about gnats, but you can write your own.

If someone else is running SA and not you, you're probably out of luck
unless you can convince them to adjust rules.

You might try dropping digest and getting regular mail.

# $NetBSD:,v 1.3 2005/11/13 22:48:32 heinz Exp $

# Rules to minimize false positives of NetBSD related emails
# This file is not meant to be modified by the user/admin. 
# If you want to add rules for a site, please use
# Any rules which might be appropriate for this file can be contributed
# with send-pr(1), category 'pkg'.

# compensate for problem reports with confusing content for SpamAssassin

header  __PR_SUBJECT    Subject =~ 
header  __NETBSD_RCVD   Received =~ /\bby\s+(?:mail|narn)\.netbsd\.org\b/i

# PR to
header  __NETBSD_BUGS_SENDER    Sender =~ /\bnetbsd-bugs-owner\@netbsd\.org\b/i
header  __NETBSD_BUGS_DELIVERED Delivered-To =~ /\bnetbsd-bugs\@netbsd\.org\b/i

describe NETBSD_PR      Problem report or comment on the netbsd-bugs list
score NETBSD_PR         -2.5

# PR to
header  __PKGSRC_BUGS_SENDER    Sender =~ /\bpkgsrc-bugs-owner\@netbsd\.org\b/i
header  __PKGSRC_BUGS_DELIVERED Delivered-To =~ /\bpkgsrc-bugs\@netbsd\.org\b/i

describe PKGSRC_PR      Problem report or comment on the pkgsrc-bugs list
score PKGSRC_PR         -2.5

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