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Re: htop installation from package (using pkgin) broken on NetBSD 6.0


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 7:23 AM, Bartek Krawczyk <> wrote:
Hi, recently I switched from Debian DomUs to NetBSD 6.0 DomUs.
I found a small problem with htop package, which turned out to be two different glitches - one with htop, the second one with ncurses.

I'm installing everything using pkgin which was set up during NetBSD system installation by the installer.

when I did:
pkgin install htop
i got:
calculating dependencies... done.
/usr/lib/, needed by ncurses-5.9 is not present in this system.
/usr/lib/, needed by ncurses-5.9 is not present in this system.

nothing to upgrade.
1 packages to be installed: htop-1.0.1 (1302K to download, 6702K to install)

the following packages have unmet requirements: ncurses-5.9

proceed ? [Y/n] y
downloading packages...
installing packages...
installing htop-1.0.1...
pkg_install warnings: 0, errors: 0
reading local summary...
processing local summary...
updating database: 100%
marking htop-1.0.1 as non auto-removable

Which is really strange since it installs the package even though it can't meet its dependencies. This is the first problem. And after that, running htop fails with:

Error opening terminal: xterm.

My NetBSD 6.0 has a and but they're linked to and 6.0 so it seems the real problem is with ncurses package which I suppose was built against NetBSD 5?
I know I can build ncurses from pkgsrc but I wanted to use binary-only packages on this system.
Can someone please fix ncurses package? I can't send a PR right now because I'm at work and is blocked.

PS. My repository for pkgin is the default one:

so I thought all official packages should be built against a NetBSD 6.0 release.

It´s strange !, I'm using NetBSD 6.0 RC2 (i386) yet and using  the same brach for binaries 6.0_2012Q3 as you without problems installing htop and ncursesw.


Bartek Krawczyk
network and system administrator

Francisco Valladolid H.
 -- - Jesus Christ follower.

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