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Re: Quagga bogus IPv6 RAs on NetBSD (pkg/46939)

Matthias-Christian Ott <> writes:

> As mentioned in the bug report, Quagga will sent bogus IPv6 RAs if the
> interface name is longer than 6 characters on NetBSD and will break your
> network. Thus the bug has some urgency.
> I provided a patch that was approved by the a Quagga maintainer.
> Unfortunately Greg Troxel didn't include the patch yet (I contacted him
> personally and he was assigned in the bug tracker). Is there anything
> that can be done about the patch? Can someone else integrate it?

I didn't get to dealing with this.   I have a few problems with your PR,

  There's no actual patch to pkgsrc (adding a patch file with a comment,
  bumping PKGREVISION, dealing with configure changes properly), with a
  statement that the actual patch to pkgsrc has been tested to result in
  the right thing happening (vs hand-built quagga with this patch being

  Upstream does not appear to have accepted the change.  While the basic
  issue and approach seem ok, there are a lot of details to avoid other
  trouble.  Generally I feel that upstream problems should be addressed

  The patch changes the zclient ABI, and this has not yet been accepted

  There's no bounds checking on the memcpy (kernel_socket.c:469) that
  the length copied fits in the target.

  The upstream PR has two patches, with two ids, and it's not 100% clear
  from the NetBSD which one you want applied.

Sorry to sound so negative, but there's quite a bit of work between
what's in gnats/bugzilla and what's committable.

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