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Re: pkgsrc dev

On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 08:53:56PM -0600, Chris Petrik wrote:
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> Do you have a means of using github or other services that host src's
> that don't have a released tarbal?

There's cvs and anoncvs (still way more scalable than git will ever
be, less useful in some other dimensions).  joerg has a git mirror
that works until git itself has a fit about something or another, and
DF have a git mirror as well, I believe.

The PR database is searchable at

There are weekly tarballs at


I should have mentioned - pkgsrc uses checksums to verify the patches
used in pkgsrc, and so there's no problems with untarring over an
existing tree - pkgsrc patches which are not in the distinfo file for
the package will not be applied when performing a source build.


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