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rtorrent keeps dumping core


I installed rtorrent and all of it's dependencies by going to:

/usr/pkgsrc/net/rtorrent then typing make; make install; make clean in sequence.

I noticed that it's very difficult to start it??

I have a bunch of torrents which were previously in my rtorrent directory structure and it hasn't been a problem to move between FreeBSD and Linux.

I've decided to dedicate my NetBSD box for this task but something is definitely off.

Upon startup I get this message:

$ rtorrent
Caught Segmentation fault, dumping stack:
Stack dump not enabled.
[1]   Abort trap (core dumped) rtorrent

My system is a Sun Microsystems V210 SPARC machine running the sparc64 port of NetBSD:

6.0 NetBSD 6.0 (GENERIC) sparc64

The torrent directory itself is contained on an NFS server.

In addition, parts of my .rtorrent.rc file aren't working which schedule the moving of torrents once complete to certain destinations. The rtorrent site shows the config clearly and hence it works fine with Linux but I'm a bit stuck as to why it's not working with NetBSD??

Any help would be appreciated!



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