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Re: gstreamer1 and gst-plugins1-* packages

Le 01/12/12 14:51, Ryo ONODERA a écrit :
What is your platform/environment?

At least on my environment (plain NetBSD/amd64 current), I cannot
reproduce them.

(And I do not know much about lintpkgsrc...)

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Hi, sorry for the confusion... this turns out to have been an anomaly in mk.conf.

In another post (concerning bugs Re: pkg/47265: pkgsrc problem pkg_info) Mr Drake indicated that 'TOOLS_PLATFORM.xargs?= #empty' picks up the pkgsrc version.

So I did the same for the overrides I was using for the grep family in ${LOCALBASE}/gnu/bin

Unfortunately it appears to not work across the board, and after setting these overrides back to the full path, it seems to work ok again.

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