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Re: anyone feel responsible for opensc? writes:

> Not able to help with your maintainer issue; however...
>> [...]
>> NetBSD doesn't implement getopt_long_only (which opensc doesn't
>> actually use, and I'm assuming this is linuxy).
>> [...]
>> Before I continue, I want to ask: does anyone else care about
>> opensc, and does anyone have any getopt_long_only clues?
>> [...]
> Use getopt_long(). I don't remember if this was suggested to me by #pkgsrc or
> something i derived on my own. Here's some discussion on the issue:

That's fine, and good advice for upstream.  The problem (I'm only 95%
sure I have this all right) is that opensc

  uses getopt_long, but not getopt_long_only (this is actually ok)

  has an autoconf test for both versions

  uses a replacement version of both, unless *both* are provided

  uses a different signature, so the replacement version of getopt_long,
  so the build fails

So I would fix this by dropping the ifdef on getopt_long in the test
that adds the replacement.

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