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gcc won't compile if pkgsrc/security/skey is installed (solaris)

Just came across this head-scratching anomaly...

When compiling gcc (here 4.7.2), libiberty/sha1.c bombs out if pkgsrc/security/skey is installed as apparently this packages installs a sha1.h in ${PREFIX}/include which occludes /usr/include/sha1.h (and /usr/include/sys/sha1.h for needed integer types.

Is this a problem with skey, or libiberty which isn't detecting whether
or not (in configure, for example) the sha1.h in the path includes sys/types.h or not.

to complete the gcc build, simply deinstall skey and reinstall later if need be.

Might this (skey's sha1.h ) cause build problems elsewhere (similar to libiberty)?

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