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Problem with net/miniupnpd + ipfilter using pf instead


   This is a "for the archives" post for those who encounter this
problem and hit google for a quick solution.

   I have PKG_OPTIONS.miniupnpd = ipfilter in my /etc/mk.conf, but when
I try running miniupnpd, I get the error:

Nov 17 20:03:01 aria miniupnpd[15197]: pf is disabled
Nov 17 20:03:01 aria miniupnpd[15197]: Failed to init redirection
engine. EXITING

   So despite the pkgsrc option, it chose to use pf. The reason for this
is because the build system on BSD systems attempts to use the actual OS
configuration to determine whether to use pf or ipf. i.e.:

.if $(OSNAME) == "NetBSD"
FWNAME != . /etc/rc.subr; . /etc/rc.conf; \
          if checkyesno ipfilter; then \
          echo "ipf"; else echo "pf"; fi

  I build in a pkg_comp chroot, and I have had never had any reason to
migrate my "real" rc.conf into the chroot before, so the pkg_comp's
rc.conf had neither pf nor ipfilter, so it defaults to pf.

   Quick fix: Add ipfilter=YES to the pkg_comp's /etc/rc.conf.

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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