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Re: Looking for imap server that does not mark new mails as old


> This is not an issue with your IMAP server (that i know of - it has been a
> long, long time since i switched from IMAP-UW, so maybe IMAP-UW is also
> broken...), but a known issue with mutt (apparently, mutt does it with mbox
> too):


> If you want to prove this to yourself, send yourself a message in mutt, exit
> mutt before seeing your inbox with the new message, reopen mutt and see the
> message flagged as new unread (N), exit the client without viewing the
> message, and reopen mutt to see the message flagged as old new unread (O).
> Delete the message, repeat the same process with PINE, and see no change in 
> the message flags.

> Now, if you do want a better IMAP(S) server, i highly recommend courier-imap,
> although it uses Maildir, which is arguably a better format than mbox. It 
> stores
> messages in individual files rather than one big honking file. There are 
> scripts available to convert your mbox to Maildir format.

I reject the use of Maildir because of wastefulness of disk space and inodes, 
and difficulty keeping track of all those little files.

This would be especially bothersome on NetBSD and FreeBSD emailing lists with 
so many small message files.


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