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fltk version problems

(This note is based on a private conversation with Makoto Fujiwara, but
I'm speaking for myself.)

pkgsrc has x11/fltk (1.1) and x11/fltk13 (1.3).  According to upstream,
1.1 is no longer maintained, and most programs should build against 1.3.
1.1 and 1.3 cannot be installed in parallel.  The current situation is
at best awkward, because fltk-using programs can be installed at the
same time only if they choose the same library version.

Because 1.1 is unmaintained upstream, I think the way forward is to
change every program that uses x11/fltk to x11/fltk13, and pick up the
pieces, meaning that if the simple change doesn't work:

  someone who cares can try to fix the package, or

  put it back to 1.1, making that package available but second-class

Then, 1.1 should be removed as soon as practical.

In theory there should be little fallout from 1.1->1.3; if there is then
either the depending packages should have been written differently or
fltk should have namespaced the 1.1/1.3 upgrade (as gtk2->3 did, where 2
and 3 can be installed simultaneously).

I'm only paying attention because of fldigi, so I realize I'm likely
missing historical context.  What do maintainers and users of fltk-using
programs think?

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