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Dovecot and NetBSD 6.0

Just a quick note that may help somebody out...

I upgraded my 5.0_STABLE amd64 box to 6.0_STABLE this weekend and found that 
dovecot (2.1.10 from pkgsrc) would not accept imap connections -- it was dying 
with the following:

Oct 21 16:25:38 imap-login: Error: Cannot map anonymous memoryCannot allocate 
memory: Cannot allocate memory
Oct 21 16:25:38 imap-login: Fatal: master: service(imap-login): child 15079 
returned error 1

After much googling, poking of configuration files etc. I found that I could 
get dovecot to run by increasing the vsz_limit from 128M to 256M!  The default 
value is 64M but I had to raise it to 128M back when I moved from version 1.13 
to 1.14 (under 5.0_STABLE).  Now, with the new 6.0_STABLE I had to bump it up 
again -- this time to 256M!  Any idea why NetBSD requires so much more memory 
than the dovecot default?



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