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Re: pkgsrc-2012Q3 packages for illumos now available

>> On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 7:57 PM, Jonathan Perkin 
>> <> wrote:
> Thanks, but this doesn't offer any enhancements over my current method
> and it would need modifying to work on Solaris (e.g. avoiding ftp(1)).
> My bootstrap kit comes with the current pkg_install, and also a fully
> configured pkgin package, so users can start pkgin right away after
> pasting that one command.

Original idea for this script was to include it in NetBSD base system instead
of pkg_install in order to always use up-to-date pkg_install from pkgsrc.
If this script is preinstalled and have right defaults it is much easier
than downloading and unpacking tarballs.

  pkg_setup -p pkgin
  pkg_setup -p nih

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