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Ocaml 4

Hello all,

It is done: I've just committed ocaml 4.00.1 and revbumped (hopefully) all 
the packages that depend on it.

One thing that has changed in the package itself is that I've changed 
the default dependency mode for the buildlink file from a build 
dependency to a full dependency: most of the packages we have in the 
tree now actually need ocaml installed (thanks to Rich Neswold for 
pointing this out). This can of course always be changed back for 
individual packages that do not need ocaml (mldonkey is one that 
comes to mind, but maybe there are more).

I hope it all went well, this is the first time I'm doing something this big, 
so don't hesitate to yell at me if there are errors or other things going 

"Then I'll tell the truth. We're allowed to do that in emergencies."

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