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OCaml 4 (and hello)

Hi everyone,

Let me quickly introduce myself: Jaap Boender, recently minted NetBSD developer, sort of starting to become the resident OCaml guy...

In this quality, now that the Q3 pkgsrc release has been done, it seems like a good moment to get ocaml 4.00 into pkgsrc. This will probably (certainly...) break some packages, hence this mail. I've already been running the updated package locally for a few weeks, and it seems to work fine, but I don't use every ocaml-dependent package myself.

What I propose to do is to commit ocaml 4.00 to pkgsrc now, so that people can see if things go wrong and either submit fixes or ask me to do it - this way we should be all right by the next release. Of course, I'll continue testing as well.

Does this seem all right to everyone? Let me know,


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