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Re: CDE - Common Desktop Environment

Jelle Hermsen <> writes:

> At the moment I've got an hourly cronjob set up that pulls in the
> latest code from git and compresses it, which I subsequently refer to
> in the pkgsrc pkg. When I get the pkgsrc-pkg building and all the
> necessary patches got into the repo, I will ask the project leaders to
> release a new source tar.gz on SF so we can refer to that and commit
> to wip. From that point on we can put our patches straight into wip
> and send them to the mailing list at the same time, so we can remove
> them from wip again when the tar.gz on sourceforge updates (the pkgsrc
> circle of life and a nice reference to Elton John :-) ) 

Take a look at wip/mk/, perhaps it can save some work.


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