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Re: evolution-data-server lossage with HEAD

  [evolution-data-server won't build]

I have worked around this by disabling the evolution option in
gnome-panel and gnome-control-center and simulating having a disabled
evolution option in py-gnome-desktop.

So I would like to either (now, during the freeze)

  add an evolution option to py-gnome-desktop

and either

  locally set PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS += -evolution


  remove evolution from PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS from the above packages

My take is that evolution has gotten at least somewhat crufty and is no
longer mainstream - I don't know a single person that uses it to read
mail currently.  So it seems to make sense to remove it from the
defaults, letting those who want it put it back, and removing a
non-trivial dependency from gnome.

What do people think?

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