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Re: Building modular-xorg from pkgsrc: x11-links dependency is poison: update

from Thomas Klausner <>:

> Something's wrong in your setup. Perhaps you didn't "make clean
> clean-depends" after setting X11_TYPE in /etc/mk.conf?

> This definitely works for me with the same setup.

The first time, I forgot to put X11_TYPE=modular in /etc/mk.conf .

So maybe I got some ill debris in the work directories.

Anyway, it's worth trying "make clean clean-depends" and then trying again.

That worked, question still remains how stable the resulting system with X is.

I can't even read the NetBSD 5.1_STABLE USB stick from FreeBSD 9.0, probably a 
disklabel issue rather than filesystem issue.

For NetBSD 6 and current/HEAD, I intend to use GPT rather than traditional 

If I want to cross-compile modular-xorg from FreeBSD, DESTDIR needs to be 
readable-writable from both NetBSD and FreeBSD.


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