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Following FreeBSD ports could have avoided xfce4 and kde4 broken at the same time

Referring to
pkg/46926: High cpu usage Xorg DragonFly x86_64, suspect cairo
pkg/46915 (chat/libotr 4.0.0 may break net/kdenetwork4 4.8.4 build on DragonFly)
both xfce4 and kde4 are broken in some way at the same time in current
pkgsrc, at least on DragonFly and current NetBSD, probably on almost

The update to cairo 1.12.2 is to a version that appears to interact
with the pkgsrc Xorg server with high cpu usage making the desktop
nearly unusable; the update to libotr 4.0.0 causes kdenetwork4 to not
even build because of API breakage.  Just today the response to
pkg/46915 is to forward the pr to the kdenetwork4 maintainer, as if it
were kdenetwork4's responsibility to unbreak itself when a dependent
library changes API.

It was a major achievement to have meta-pkgs/kde4 cleanly build in its

Both of these problems could have been avoided simply by a quick check
on what FreeBSD ports is doing.  FreeBSD ports months ago reverted
cairo from 1.12.2 back to the working 1.10.2; and instead of blaming
kdenetwork4, FreeBSD ports 4 days ago created a new libotr3 port for
backwards compatibility.

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