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KDE and the compose key

Hello all,

After a few years of running NetBSD on only servers, I'm back to using it as a 
desktop system (something about eating your own dog food...) For the most 
part this is a fairly painless process; the only irriation is that the Compose 
key doesn't seem to be working under KDE.

I've set up the keymap, xev correctly says 'Multi_key' whenever I press it, my 
locale (en_GB.UTF-8) should support Compose keys, but whenever I try to use it 
in a KDE application (kmail, konsole+vim...), nothing happens (as in: Compose-
e-' just shows e').

It's almost certainly a KDE (or KDE/NetBSD, because it doesn't happen on 
FreeBSD) problem, since it works fine under xterm+vim and Firefox, even when 
these are running under KDE. 

There is a KDE bug ( which 
describes a similar problem for Gentoo, but all the services/daemons mentioned 
there are running on my system.

Possible other clues: kded4 seems to take up around 25% of CPU time 
constantly, and KNotify crashes fairly frequently.

Does anyone have any clue as to where this problem could be coming from?


"Then I'll tell the truth. We're allowed to do that in emergencies."

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