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Re: new -

* On 2012-09-05 at 04:31 BST, matthew sporleder wrote:

> I am developing a new page for to try and better
> represent/market/whatever the project.
> You can find it currently living at:
> I'm happy to take content and styling suggestions.
> I would also love suggestions on how to show more prominence to heavy
> non-NetBSD users of pkgsrc.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for working on this, it is indeed much better than what we
currently have! :)

A few points about the Solaris section:

 - OpenSolaris is dead, so I'd recommend for anyone still using
   commercial Solaris that you link to Oracle's signup page.

 - Everyone else has moved to illumos, so I would add a prominent link

 - At Joyent we have a illumos distribution called SmartOS, which uses
   pkgsrc by default and powers our large cloud infrastructure, so it
   may be worth having a link to too as we are
   probably one of the largest pkgsrc installations in the world.

 - I have a few pkgsrc/Solaris related blog posts you are welcome to
   link to:

   though the latter two are getting old now (I have an update planned
   for the 'pkgsrc on Solaris' one, targetting illumos).

Also for the OSX section feel free to link to:

I plan to maintain both the SmartOS/illumos and OSX binary builds.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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