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Re: new -

from matthew sporleder <>:

> I am developing a new page for to try and better
> represent/market/whatever the project.

> You can find it currently living at:

> I'm happy to take content and styling suggestions.

> I would also love suggestions on how to show more prominence to heavy
> non-NetBSD users of pkgsrc.

This looks like an improvement on which redirects to a page on domain.

It would be nice to have a package search mechanism, whereby one could search 
for a specific package by name.

I would like to see instructions for finding the options of all dependencies 
for a big package.

I have this somewhere on a (deeply?) buried piece of paper, but many other 
people would be interested too.

One problem with Linux is that there is no BSD-style base system, everything's 
a package, even the kernel.

So how to get started with pkgsrc on Linux?

Possibly build a starter system following methods from 
Linux From Scratch ( or
Cross Linux From Scratch ( ?

But one would need up-to-date versions of packages that would be part of a BSD 
base system.

I could come up with more styling suggestions when I get more time.

It would be nice to see something on Open Solaris forks including OpenIndiana 
and SchilliX (


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