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binary package server

I am having trouble setting up a package server: I have a load of packages
in host:/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All, and in that directory, I ran

   pkg_info -X *.tgz | bzip2 > pkg_summary.bz2

Is there any more to it than that?
Next comes the serving. I popped httpd -HX /usr/pkgsrc in my inetd.conf.  
If I point a web browser at host:/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All, I see them all.
If I export PKG_PATH=http://host/packages/All/ then 

   pkg_add -v glib2
   pkg_add -v glib2-2.32.4.tgz

shows a GET /packages/All/ in host's xferlog, but "no pkg found"

   pkg_add -v http://host/packages/All/glib2-2.32.4.tgz
finds glib2, but then fails on its dependencies: 

   Can't process http://host:80/packages/All/perl*: Host not found
Doesn't httpd(8) understand the asterisk or am I missing something?

BTW the computer I am trying to pkg_add on has no packages at all.



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