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Re: weird glib2 pthread error

On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 06:16:39PM +0200, Matthias Drochner wrote:
> You could check which programs use up more resources than expected,
> eg, with "ps axs" for threads, or "fstat" for file descriptors.

Ok, "ps axs" helped -- I found I had really a lot of thunderbird
thingies hanging around. Once I killed them, all programs started
behaving nicely again.

Is the thread limit against which I seem to have been running per shell or per 

Btw, zsh is a bit confused about it:

# sh
# ulimit -a
time          (-t seconds    ) unlimited
file          (-f blocks     ) unlimited
data          (-d kbytes     ) 262144
stack         (-s kbytes     ) 4096
coredump      (-c blocks     ) unlimited
memory        (-m kbytes     ) 12186708
locked memory (-l kbytes     ) 4062236
thread        (-r threads    ) 160
process       (-p processes  ) 160
nofiles       (-n descriptors) 128
vmemory       (-v kbytes     ) unlimited
sbsize        (-b bytes      ) unlimited

# zsh
# ulimit -a
-t: cpu time (seconds)         unlimited
-f: file size (blocks)         unlimited
-d: data seg size (kbytes)     262144
-s: stack size (kbytes)        4096
-c: core file size (blocks)    unlimited
-m: resident set size (kbytes) 12186708
-l: locked-in-memory size (kb) 4062236
-u: processes                  160
-n: file descriptors           128
-N  9: socket buffer size (kb) unlimited
-v: virtual memory size (kb)   unlimited
-N 11:                         160


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