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Re: lang/sun-jre6: distinfo incorrect?

    Date:        Thu, 02 Aug 2012 09:07:45 +0900
    From:        "OBATA Akio" <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | All distfiles must be in same DIST_SUBDIR whereas only one of them
  | must be handled so.  I don't want to put same files in multiple
  | directories.

You could probably create a new (temporary) distfile only package
(one that owns a distfile, in a DIST_SUBDIR, but does nothing else)
and make that a build dependency for sun-jre6 for the architecture
that needs it (I think, it seems like it could work).

But aside from solving the problem in general should it ever be
required elsewhere, I don't think that's neeeded here.

There are just 2 files that matter (the 3rd is tiny, and no-one
is going to object to an extra copy of that) which is easy enough
to handle, have a pre-fetch that (if the distfile exists) ln's
it into the DIST_SUBDIR.   That's essentially free, and painless.
(Doesn't even need any manual intervention, so people who have
the distfile now won't be asked to go fetch it again.)

For the other one, and the one that hasn't changed if it had not
previously been fetcehd, just act as normal (using the DIST_SUBDIR).


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