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I apologize for blaming MirBSD and ilmbase Re: Changes like PKGREVISION++ for graphics/ilmbase 1.0.2nb2 will kill off the pkgsrc user testing community

I apologize for blaming MirBSD and ilmbase changes for requiring
extensive qt4 or kde4 rebuilds, obviously that was not correct.

I'll go back to figuring out why enabling hal in /etc/rc.conf is
corrupting the filesystem so badly a fsck is needed on both an
Intel-based and an amd-based amd64 machine with Radeon 4xxx graphics.
And I'll also try to determine why for months using the keyboard in
xfce4's Terminal has no response and somewhat locks X, both ps2 or usb
keyboards, for an Asus M5A87 motherboard with AMD 870/SB850 chipset.

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