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Re: move some MESSAGE files to installed docs

IMO, MESSAGE+DISPLAY at installation style may not useful for me,
especially installed as dependency (easily-overlooked).

As the guide documents,

About hints for updating config files, it is not a pkgsrc specific matter,
so I don't feel the need to display such information.

About license, every packages should contains license file (not license type),
so that binary package users can determine whether licenses is acceptable
before installation.
One more curious point is BSD license.  I feel that even binary packages must
contains license terms with its copyright holder and years.

I think that it is good idea that moving pkgsrc specific document into 
It should be treated as part of metadata for the package, or installed into
packages specific location (ex. ${LOCALBASE}/doc/${PKGNAME}/README) so that
it will be displayed easier by packages management system.

One more another type message is "migration guide" (ex. www/apache22/MESSAGE).
Such document should not be in MESSAGE, because it is only required only at 
How about note such information in files/UPGRADE (or something) with
structured text (PKGVERSION + NOTE) so that packages management system can 
relevant migration guide at the update of packages.

OBATA Akio /

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