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Re: pkgsrc cross compiling

2012/2/25 Reinoud Zandijk <>:
> I've added a pkgsrc cross compiling howto in the pkgsrc/doc dir that i used
> for i386->sparc and amd64->arm.

Is it possible to set up some machines running other operating systems
as distcc helper?
I've got some linux and os x machines that can quite help me to build
packages for netbsd.

will the following step

2) create a crosscompiler to compile from any architecture to NetBSD/sparc,
go to the NetBSD src dir and run :
        ./ -a sparc -m sparc -T /usr/gcc-cross-sparc/ tools

work on other platforms, provided that i do take netbsd src folder ?

"tempo" e "voglia" sono sinonimi nel 90% dei casi

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