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Re: Texlive 2012 DVD won't support NetBSD

On 11 July 2012 20:18, Min Sik Kim <> wrote:
> At Wed, 11 Jul 2012 08:17:11 +0530,
> Mayuresh <> wrote:
>> So looking at pkgsrc to build this. See a lot of tex packages there. Which
>> ones to install that gives full TeXLive installation at par with the DVD
>> based one?
> Currently pkgsrc only has a subset of the full TeX Live distribution.
> Installing the following meta packages will give you the basic LaTeX
> system:
>   print/tex-collection-genericrecommended
>   fonts/tex-collection-fontsrecommended
>   print/tex-collection-latex
> and print/teTeX installs all TeX packages that was a part of teTeX-3.
> There are some more tex-* packages not installed by any of meta
> packages.  This will change as we add more tex-collection-* packages
> to pkgsrc (my next target is tex-collection-latexrecommended).
>> Would also like to request an upgrade to TeXLive 2012.
> All TeX engines except xetex were already updated.  tex-* packages
> will follow.

hey, is it possible to use xelatex? Even xetex gets  installed, still
has no xelatex here.
And why not  make a meta-package of full texlive? I know  texlive is
that's the reason.

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> Min Sik Kim

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