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va_arg and netbsd-6 ...


are there any known issues with stdarg constructs on netbsd-6?

I've been scratching my head about pkg/46555, where an invocation of the form

    char                cksum_b64[ SZ_BASE64_E( EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE ) ];


            /* return constants */
>>          snet_writef( sn, "%s %s %o %d %d %d %" PRIofft "d %s\r\n",
                    "f", av[ 2 ],
                    st.st_mtime, st.st_size, cksum_b64 );

-- eight argument strings, eight arguments -- will fail with SIGSEV in

            switch ( *++format ) {
            case 's' :
                p = va_arg( vl, char * );
>>              len = strlen( p );
                SNET_WBUFGROW( len );
                memcpy( cur, p, len );
                cur += len;

because va_arg() returns 0. A Radmind package built on netbsd-5 works fine
on netbsd-5 and netbsd-6; I tried building the package on netbsd-6 with
-O0, to no avail.

Searching gnats, I found toolchain/45138. Would that be related?

Any ideas?


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