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Re: PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS=YES be default?

I personally think we should probably drop pkgsrc startup scripts into
/usr/pkg/etc/rc.d as was the practice some time ago and then craft
something reasonable for the OS that can kick them off in a similar
manner that which is currently done on NetBSD

so, for example, one /etc/{rc,init}.d/pkgsrc script that will use
/usr/pkg/etc/rc.conf for config and rcorder[1] over /usr/pkg/etc/rc.d/*

This follows the minimal footprint that we want to maintain on
non-NetBSD OSes and with proper variable control would also be
gracefully configurable for those environments that want things in
/etc/rc.d/* and config from /etc/rc.conf

The only thing that this won't solve is interleaving services and their
dependents, but if that is truly necessary for foreign OSes then I'd
suggest pkgsrc might not be the appropriate choice ...


[1] I wrote a portable perl-based version of rcorder to do similar
things at one point that I'll clean up and post somewhere

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