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=?UTF-8?Q?Re: PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS=3DYES be default??=

On 5. 6. 2012, at 15:27, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> Is there any pkgsrc user who really doesn't want the scripts put into 
> place?

Why yes, non-BSD platforms like SunOS.

> I am suggesting we set PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS is YES by default.

If you have to, please do so for *BSD only.

We have a wip implementation of SMF support in our pkgsrc fork at Joyent. 
jperkin had the idea to make it more generic, and wrap rc.d, smf and other 
similar features into a single configurable framework, so that different 
platforms can use different restarter solutions by default. That's still a bit 
far from an implementation phase though.

> Maybe as an alternative the package maintainer can make a decision on 
> whether it should be installed by default.

I'm afraid this would just introduce more chaos, and the decision to install 
such scripts or not should be at the discretion of the actual system maintainer 


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